Rockland St. Peter Church
St. Peter’s church has one of Norfolk’s round towers and a thatched roof.  The tower and the nave were probably built at the same time and are generally thought to be Norman.  However, the style of the tower could indicate Saxon origins.  On top of the round tower there is an octagonal belfry which was added in the 14th century.  Check out Rockland St. Peter on this Round Tower Church site and The Norfolk Churches website.

The thatched roof was destroyed by fire in 1948.  After 59 years, the replacement Norfolk reed thatch is now finished and the church redecorated.  Much of the interior was damaged in the fire and the present rood screen came here from Tottington church.

Here are some photographs of our fundraising events
Detail from the rood screen
Les Cook
Rocklands on the British History Online site